What is "The Wilderness Fishing Guide"

This the comprehensive handbook for anyone planning a Canadian fishing trip. 

Whether you will be fishing a remote fly-in camp or a lodge accessible by road.

If this is your first trip it will help you with all the preparations so you can finally set off, with confidence,  for that terrific fishing trip you have been dreaming about.                                                                             

Even if f this is your "umpteenth" trip, because we are confident the seasoned angler will learn something that will make their next trip more enjoyable -- (Even we, the authors, refer to certain chapters for all our trips.)

And it contains quite a few tips that could save you money -- maybe big money - on you fishing trip.

It is different from the usual fishing books.

It does not dwell on what lure to use, how to cast, where to find the fish and so on.  There are many good books on these subjects.

Rather, "The Wilderness Fishing Guide" provides information not found elsewhere.

The purpose of this book is to provide answers to questions such as, "How do you know where to go?  How do you know what to pack?   What can I expect - what is it really like up there?"

And -- you can order only the chapters you need --- no need to buy the entire book!