Order Select Chapters or the Entire Book

We are taking a unique approach in that you can  only the chapters and/or appendices you need.

Why should you have to pay for the whole book if you only need the information contained in a couple chapters?

Secondly, by ordering a sampling of chapters you can determine whether you want to order the remaining chapters.

Order up to 5 chapters and/or appendices for $8.00.        This includes shipping and handling charges.

Each additional block of 5 is an additional $8.00.

Ordering the complete book for $23.95 is the most cost effective method for 15 or more chapters/ appendices

To accommodate this format, the chapters will be sent unbound on standard 8 1/2" x 11" paper so you can put them in a ring binder.

Half Price Offer                < < < < < < < <

You may have the chapters sent as e-mail attachments or on a CD for half the price !

This is not only less expensive, but faster delivery.

Online Updates - another unique feature

As an added benefit, any significant updates to the chapters will be posted on this web page's Updates Log.

The updates will be categorized by chapter and date so you will always know if the edition you have is the most current - or whether it needs to be annotated.

How many other reference books provide this feature?

How to Order

Just go to the Order Form, indicate which chapter you would like to order, and whether you would like a hard copy mailed to you or sent as an e-mail attachment or CD.

You can find a description of the contents of each section by clicking here - "The Wilderness Fishing Guide"  - the complete handbook for planning a Canadian fishing trip.